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Darcy had been working on training Oreo for an hour—with less than wondrous results—when AJ pulled up. He parked his truck on the street and crossed the yard to where she sat in the grass.

“We’re in a showdown,” she said, nodding her chin at Oreo, who sat facing her. “I’m trying to teach him to stay.”

“He looks like he’s got the hang of it,” AJ said.

“Because I’m holding a doggie cookie. He’s like every other man on the planet. He can be bribed.”

“Sounds like you’ve got us all figured out,” AJ said.

“Yep.” Every single one of them but him. “Zoe’s not here.”

“I came for you.”

Her heart had started a heavy thumping the moment he’d showed up. He wore faded Levi’s and an untucked button-down, and she thought no one wore clothes quite the way he did.

And he thinks you’re a druggie.

“Wanted to make sure we’re on for the morning,” he said.

“You mean am I still going to show myself off to your money guy?”

His expression didn’t change. He was one of the few people she couldn’t easily rattle. She didn’t know what to make of that. Never had. “Said I would. I don’t go back on my word, AJ.” She rewarded Oreo with a cookie. “Now let’s work on come,” she said. She stepped back to the edge of the grass. “Okay, Oreo. Come.”

Oreo sat.

AJ crouched on the balls of his feet and whistled. “Come,” he said.

Oreo ran to him, tail wagging, tongue lolling, staring adoringly up into AJ’s face.

AJ rubbed Oreo up and down until the dog was nothing but a puddle of boneless goo.

Darcy tried not to be jealous and failed yet again. “So is that all you wanted to know?”

“For now.”

“You mean there’ll be more later?”

AJ met Darcy’s eyes. He looked grim. Resigned. “To be determined,” he said.

His frustration didn’t give her near the satisfaction she’d thought it would. Because if he had to spent the long car ride with her, she had to spend it with him as well.

It would be a miracle if they both survived.

“Be ready to go by seven a.m.,” he said, and left.

Oreo cried.

Darcy sighed. “You’ll get over him,” she told the dog. All she needed to do was the same.

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