Today's guessing game

Update: The correct answer is 1, 2, and 3! Winners, randomly drawn are: BETTY KM, ELAINE BREAULT, and LAURA HAINES. Email me with the book title you want in the subject line and don't forget your addy and to tell me if you want print or ebook! Original post: 3 of 4 of these things happened to me this weekend.

1. caught Alpha Man's cousin using a baby pic of my kids on his FB page to make him look like a catch to women. WOMEN BEWARE. :)

2. Middle's dog ate my favorite peach lipgloss and then had peach scented farts all weekend.

3. Tripped on a hike and landed on my face. I look like I went three rounds...

4. Put salt instead of sugar in my iced tea by accident and nearly DIED!

Which ones happened? Three of you will win your choice of my next two books STILL THE ONE or SECOND CHANCE SUMMER. :razz: