Spring Break Throw Back

So we're in San Diego on spring break and I found this entry from my blog dated 2009 so I thought I'd rerun it because it's an EXACT repeat of today!

Question: How many pictures does it take to get five cousins smiling at the photographer?

Answer: Too many to take . . .

In other news: I’ve arrived in San Diego, and guess what? It’s not cold. It’s not snowing. It’s a HUNDRED FREAKING DEGREES!

Yes, you read that right. 100. I swear to you, Mother Nature is laughing her little hiney end off at me. WHATEVER, MOTHER NATURE, I’M IN SHORTS AND A TANK!

So there.

That said, let me tell you how difficult it has been to find internet service. All but impossible. I wasn’t going to worry about it except then my editor needed me to send her something. And I love my editor. So I went out, determined to find internet somewhere. Want to know where I’m standing right now to get this to you? In the middle of the street. In the sun. In the 100 degrees.

Don’t doubt me, you know me better than that by now. It’s utterly true. But don’t fear for my life, it’s a cul-de-sac and so far only two cars had to honk at me.

Now I do have to run. I have to drive up to Los Angeles to drop off dear Oldest for some UCLA events (yes, she’s still doing cartwheels at getting accepted there for Fall), and we are very excited to go hang out on the campus. But I will be back, with more pics and adventures. Hopefully this time, I will not be reporting to you from the very middle of the street. Uh oh. Gotta run, a motor home is coming at me . . .