Still The One

Update: winners are Susan R., Mary Smith, and Sylvia Veri! Email me with ANIMAL SERIES in the subject and don't forget your book choice, your addy, and your choice of print or ebook! Original post: So Amazon made my day...


Gotta admit, I'm excited for you all to get your hands on STILL THE ONE. I sorta fell in love with sexy, tough AJ Colten and wiseass Darcy Stone. Hope you do too. And hey, the Amazon editors recommend it so you GOTTA try it, right? :razz:

Sneak tidbit:

He’d memorized her. She wore dark sunglasses on her clear jade green eyes and her honey-colored hair had been left on the loose tonight, the curls wild and free, much like the woman herself. She wore sexy, painted-on jeans, boots designed to make a grown man drop to his knees and beg, and a formfitting, scoop-neck vintage Led Zeppelin tee. She was long-legged, hotter than the sun that hadn’t bothered to show its face in weeks, and looked like the poster woman for the very best kind of trouble—trouble she could and had delivered.

And she was one hundred percent the most dangerous thing he’d ever faced, and that included his six years in the Navy.

Preorder here! And remember, this is a stand alone but if you're reading the Animal series, you'll remember that Darcy is Wyatt's sister from THEN CAME YOU.

Before you all go, curious, how many of you have read THEN CAME YOU? How many of you have read the entire animal series? I'm drawing THREE names from the commenters for a chance at a copy of your choice from the series, including STILL THE ONE. :twisted: