Disabled Sports

This weekend Alpha Man and I went to the Disabled Sports Ability Bash to honor Wounded Warriors. It's something that's near and dear to the Shalvis family heart since we've been volunteering at Disabled Sports USA Far West since 2005. Here's an account I wrote of our very first time back ten years ago now:

We spent the weekend working a charity event put on by Disabled Sports USA. A group of athletic disabled kids and adults came to Donner Lake and camped, and Alpha Man, along with a friend of ours, drove their boats for two days, dragging rafts and tubes behind the two boats, letting the “campers” have the time of their lives. Our girls came along and it was their jobs to help the campers get on and off the rafts. The kids were adorable, everyone so happy and excited to be on this adventure in spite of incredible life hardships. Talk about a reality check. Here were people with major birth defects, or MS or a hundred other things, and because we were there, they could be towed behind a boat, the wind in their faces, their bodies cooled in the water, literally having the time of their lives. Everyone worked their asses off. Most of the campers were paralyzed in some way and it took a lot of muscle to maneuver them in and out of the water and on the rafts but in the end, the hard work was forgotten, the two days ranking up there as two of the best days of my entire life.

I went to the event thinking I was giving something back to the community, and I came home knowing that it was the other way around. I got way more than I gave, and I’ll never forget it.

So all these years later now, last Saturday night, it was our honor to go to the annual bash. Even got out of my sweats and put on some big girls clothes.


How about you, would love to hear what some of your favorite causes or, or if you don't have the time in your life right now, what cause you wish you could do something for. I have a 2015 Shalvis calendar for a random commenter.