Conversations with Alpha Man

Update: Winner randomly chosen is: LORI DUHOSKI. Lori, email me with your addy and STILL THE ONE in the subject line! Original post: We were watching North Woods Law on Animal Planet, watching the game wardens searching for a missing teen who had Asperger's syndrome when this convo happened:

Alpha Man: What's Asperger's again?

Me: It's someone who has difficulty interacting socially, repeats behaviors and is a little clumsy. Like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory.

I was just about to add it was also considered a high functioning form of autism when Alpha Man grinned at me.

Alpha Man: Sheldon, and ...??

He looked at me meaningfully.

Oh hell no. I raised a brow at him.

Alpha Man: ...?

Me: Are you implying that I have difficulty interacting socially, repeat behaviors and am a little clumsy?

Then I actually listened to what I said and sighed. Dammit.

(p.s. I'll be drawing two random names from the commenters today who will win my next book STILL THE ONE...)