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“Hey,” he said, hand on her arm, turning her to face him. He looked her over very carefully, taking in the mess that was her Styx tank, her jeans with all the questionable stains on them, and her battered, mud-covered boots.

“Don’t touch,” she warned. “I’m disgusting.”

Reaching out, he pulled something from her hair. She didn’t want to know what.

There was something in his gaze. A seriousness, and . . . irritation? Well, that wasn’t exactly new, so she shouldn’t be surprised that she’d managed to piss him off without trying. She looked around for a distraction but no one was paying them any attention, especially Wyatt, who had Emily in a clutch, kissing her, slow and lingering, with as much eye contact as lip contact.

Something deep in Darcy sighed. “Well,” she said. “This has been fun but I’m going to go hazmat myself now.”

“In a minute.” Holding her still, AJ met her gaze.

Annoyingly breathless, she tried to disappear. “I don’t have time for this, AJ.”

“You have a damn minute.” He reeled her back in, smoothed the hair away from her face, and peered into it. “You okay?”

And just like that, she came undone. She always did when he looked at her like this, his eyes dark and assessing. Controlled and, yeah, still cranky but also . . . warm. Caring. There was never any doubt of that, though she was hard-pressed to understand why.

She knew exactly how hard she was to care about. “I’m good,” she managed.

He shook his head, not buying what she was selling.

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