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Update: winners, randomly drawn, are: Lisa S and Deana Frederick. Email me with Jill and Helenkay in the subject line and be sure to include which email addy you want your digital copies of the novellas sent to! Original post: My friend Helenkay Dimon and I both have novellas our right now so we decided to do a co-blog for your amusement. We both love alpha heroes, smart heroines, romance novels and reading each other's books. We also both have a novella out this December. HelenKay's is a romantic suspense. No serial killers or stalkers. Just bad guys with big weapons who need to be stopped...the usual. Mine is a visit with a beloved couple in the Lucky Harbor series [Note from HelenKay: Sawyer continues to be my favorite Shalvis hero, and I may have begged for this...maybe.] Despite the similarities in reading and writing tastes, the couples in these books are not exactly alike. Take a peek:

Sawyer and Chloe in my MERRY CHRISTMAS, BABY are already married. that means their relationship runs smoothly and nothing ever goes wrong and… [Note from Jill: Wait, what?]

Sawyer's pic: 1ee4fb75eebf1fd93596367ecd10f694

“I’m not a piece of china,” Chloe said.

“No one would ever mistake you for one,” Sawyer responded, and she was pretty sure it wasn’t a compliment.

Helenkay's hero Wade: IMG_0888

[Note from HelenKay: I’m still trying to recover from the idea of marriage meaning everything runs smoothly.]

The heroine in HelenKay’s RUNNING HOT, Tasha, is a bit ticked off in her early meetings with the hero, Ward. Lucky for her, he is not at all threatened by a strong woman.

"You should know, if you move your feet even one inch I will punch you in the junk so hard I’ll have to send an apology to the future kids you’ll never have.” She winked at him. “Got that, stud?”

Sweet hell. Enemy or not, mercenary or con woman, she was so fucking hot. “You have my attention.”

[Note from Jill: I like Tasha’s style.]

Both heroines are smart…and they know a good thing when they see it:

From Chloe:

His dark brown eyes could be cool and unreadable—his cop eyes—or soft, melting chocolate, like when he was feeling frisky, though she hadn’t seen that side of him lately.

From Tasha:

She’d been sold one version of Ward. Now she faced down another. Commanding, a guy fully in charge and trained as a weapon. He just got hotter, which sucked for her.

[Note from Jill: We need more photos of these guys.]

[Note from HelenKay: I am always in support of more dude photos.]

And these heroines never lose their spirit, which is why these alpha men love them:

From Chloe:

“Officer Hottie,” she murmured, and had the pleasure of seeing the big, badass, steely man grimace at the nickname he hated.

From Tasha:

Her stomach did this weird bouncing thing. She half hoped she’d come down with malaria, because if this was some sort of reaction to Ward and his words, she was in deep trouble.

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While we think Sawyer and Ward would get along just fine if they met, we know Tasha and Chloe would began plans for worldwide domination…and we love that. We hope you’ll give both books a try and see what you think. And to entice you, we have a giveaway! Two commenters will win each of the novellas. Happy holidays! :razz: