Convo with Alpha Man

Update: winners, randomly drawn, are: Sally Chipman and Kyle Dykman. Email me with a few book choices, your addy, and your choice of print or ebook. Original post: So it's dumping snow and Alpha Man tried to show me how to use the snow blower for the hundredth time. We stood before the great beast and our conversation went like this:

Him: Okay, so what comes first?

Me: The chicken. Definitely the chicken before the egg.

Him: I meant what comes first to start the snow blower, smart ass.

Me: Um . . .

Him: (Big sigh) The choke. You have to push the choke in, remember?

Me: Absolutely. Um, where’s the choke again?

He showed me, with admirable patience really. Then he said “Now what?”

ME: I think the oven timer is going off.

Him: Liar. You haven’t cooked anything since two nights ago when you set off every fire alarm in the house.

Me: I meant to do that.

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