Friday's giveaway

Update: Winners, randomly drawn, are: Cristina Myers and Rachel Scotch. Email me with your addy, a few book choices, and whether you want print or ebook. Original post: You know the drill. Name the excerpt and be in the running for the book of your choice from my backlist:

His kiss was heady stuff, all deep and hot and wet… “We’re not discussing what happened last weekend,” she finally said. “You mean when you had your wild way with me in my truck?” “I didn’t—” But they both knew she totally had. He grinned at the look on her face. “You know, maybe you should be thanking me instead of yelling at me.” “Thank you! For what?” He arched a brow. Okay, so she knew for what. She’d slept great that night. “Look,” she said, “apparently you bring out my inner slut. I’m not going to thank you for that.” He smiled that sexy smile of his. “I could make you.” Her nipples went hard. Dammit. She pointed a finger at his nose. And then lowered it so it was pointed at another part of his anatomy entirely. “Don’t even think about it.” “Oh, I won’t,” he said silkily. “But you will.” And she knew he was right.

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