My writing day

Update: winner, randomly drawn, is: BETTYMC. Betty email me with your addy and put iTunes in the subject line. :) Original post: Here is my writing day in a nutshell:

Write down a few sentences Check Tumblr for some inspiring pics. Change the background on my desktop. Write another sentence. Get a snack. Make a potty run. Take the dog for a potty run. Can't find my Word document, panic, soothe self with a cookie. Or two. Write a page. Have to erase page. Get another snack.

Huh. It's a miracle a book ever gets written at all, isn't it? I have a $25.00 iTunes card which I would hope you'd use to buy my books that somehow got written in spite of myself (you can buy digital or audio books from iBooks). Leave a comment to be in the running. :razz: