Name The Bean contest

Update: This was my fave contest in a long time! Loved all your ideas but in the end, Sawyer and Chloe named the bean Phoebe in memory of Chloe's mom. Winners are: Renee Warren and Karen. Email me with Phoebe in the subject and give me your addy and a few choices of books. :) Original post: Okay so I have buckets and buckets of emails complaining that I didn't name The Bean, which if you've read MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY, then you know that's Sawyer's and Chloe's baby. I didn't name her because I was saving it for you.

Yes, you.

So here we go. Name The Bean. I'll pick my favorite and the winner will win a Shalvis drawstring backpack and the book of their choice.

and p.s. you look gorgeous today... :razz: