Monday's giveaway

Update: So as it turns out, ALL of these things happened to me. Winner, randomly drawn, is: CINDY GASPER. Cindy, email me with knapsack in the subject line and don't forget your addy! Original post: So see if you can take a guess on which of these things actually happened to me over the weekend:

1. I tried to light our bbq and ... managed to singe off my own eyebrows. Dammit. 2. Was attempting to get into the book I'm writing and somehow managed to forget that I had dinner in the oven (a really great chicken casserole) and didn't remember until ... the fire alarms went off. Sigh. 3. Was so distracted, I took Frat Boy for a walk and then I went inside and ... accidentally left him outside for thirty minutes ... he's still mad at me. 4. Lost my favorite boot. The right one. The left is still here. Only me...

I'll draw a random name from the correct guesses of the insanity of my life and winner gets a Shalvis knapsack!