Friday's Facts

UPDATE: randomly drawn winners are: ERIN, CATHY ATNEOSEN, and VICTORIA SANDES. Email me at with MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY IN PRINT as the subject and your addy! Original post: 1. My man cold has been reduced to a woman cold, which means that I'm going to live. 2. The Amazon/Hachette war is over which means you can once again preorder my books from Amazon. 3. I have a teasing tidbit from my 12/2 SHORT Lucky Harbor novella MERRY CHRISTMAS, BABY:

Their relationship was akin to a porcupine and a cactus trying to make a life together—prickly as hell…and amazing.

We're talking about sexy sheriff Sawyer Thompson and wild tumbleweed Chloe Traeger. Oil and water. Fire and ice. You get the picture...

And speaking of pics, let's not forget what Sawyer looks like:


Now that I have your attention, I want to remind you that this novella is digital only. Wait! It's SHORT and you can read it on whatever device you're reading this blog on with a Nook, iBooks or Kindle app, all of which are free. AND the novella is only $1.99. Okay. Still with me? I hope so. Because...


...I have a present for you print only readers. I have a short stack of this novella printed and bound. These are the only copies on the entire planet earth and I'm having a giveaway today of four of them for two random readers who really really really want it in print. You won't get it until 12/2, which is the day the digital copy is released, so there's no entering just because you want it early. Tell me in your comments why you'd want a print copy and you're in the running. Everyone else can just say "hey" or chime in on how hot Sawyer is or talk about the weather. I just love having you comment.


Preorder links if you want to make an author's day and order it right now to download for 12/2: Kindle iBooks Nook