Hump Day, scroll down, you won't be disappointed

Hey for those of you who are Lucky Harbor lovers, I've got a $1.99 Lucky Harbor short Christmas story featuring sexy Sawyer Thompson and the wildcard Chloe Traeger coming 12/2... And let's just say this is my love letter to you, the best romance readers on the planet. merrychristmasbaby_FINAL_lr

I love this story, mostly because I love Sawyer and Chloe SO MUCH. Anyway, I want you all to sit down. You sitting? Okay now this is digital only. I'm sorry! Not my decision! BUT ... I promise you it's short and can be easily read on your phone, your tablet, your computer, whatever you're reading this blog on right now. You still with me? I hope so. I love you all and don't like when you're upset with me. ;-)

And to remind you what Sawyer looks like:


So you see, you really don't want to miss him. Preorder and make an author's day: BN iBooks Amazon: still being a pill, Amazon won't have up for purchase until 12/2, mark your calendars!

Now. Let me have it. Tell me what you think... and if you'll consider preordering on your Nook or iBooks app on your phone or tablet, or if you'll wait for Amazon, or if you're mad at me. :cool: