Tuesday's Tidbits

Update: winners, randomly drawn, are: Mary Lou and SHANNON FLEMING! Contact me with your choice of book, print or ebook, and your addy! Original post: We haven't played this game in awhile. Name the book the excerpt comes from. I'll draw three names who can pick their book of their choice, print or ebook. :twisted:

Yesterday she’d been thrown off her game by one sexy Dr. Wyatt Stone, but not today. Today she was prepared. No matter how hot he looked with his rumpled hair, glasses, and cargo pants filled with goodies—not all of which were in his pockets—she was sticking to The Plan.

Totally doable. Of course, it would be a heck of a lot easier if she hadn’t dreamed about him last night and how he looked without the cargoes. Tall. Broad. Built . . .

“Oh boy,” she whispered and banged her head on the steering wheel a few times. She lifted her head and stared at herself in the rearview mirror. “You can do this.”

Her reflection didn’t look as sure as she’d like.

So ... who knows this one? Which happens to be one of my personal favorites.