Update: So yeah, ALL of the above happened to me, sigh. Winners, randomly drawn, are: JENNIFER GREENE and JOANNA HOOPER! Email me with knapsack in the subject line and your addys! :) Original post: Which of the following, in any combination, happened to me yesterday?

1. Searched for my iPhone ... before remembering I was actually using it at the time. 2. Found my missing keys in the silverware drawer. 3. Dropped my phone off the trail where it fell ten feet to some rocks and I managed to destroy the supposedly undestroyable Lifeproof case for my iPhone. 4. Let's the dogs out to tinkle, stood on the porch waiting for them, and then got distracted and went back inside forgetting the dogs until they barked an hour later to come in. God knows WHAT they did during that hour... 5. To my eternal shame, I watched a marathon of Real Housewives of Orange County. I hate myself...

I'll draw a few names of the correct guessers who will win a Shalvis knapsack:


Worth playing for? :razz: Go. oh and p.s. do you have your copy of ONE IN A MILLION, which came out on Tuesday?