One In A Million

Update: Winners, randomly drawn, are: JEANINE, BARB WOOD, and DENISE MELONAS. Please email me with knapsack as the subject, and your addy! :) Original post: So first things first. I want to thank you for loving Lucky Harbor. It's hard to believe that today the last full length book comes out ONE IN A MILLION. It's been a labor of love, truly. Well, there were whole days where I cursed the book I was working on, but I digress. We've had twelve sexy heroes that I'll never forget: Jax, Ford, Sawyer, Ty, Matt, Josh, Luke, Jack, Ben, Sam, Cole, and Tanner.

I heart all of them... But it's Tanner who needs his day to shine and that's today.


He laughed softly, then moved in closer, his body brushing hers. For a beat she thought maybe he was going to kiss her on the cheek. It threw her in a startlingly good way and she stilled.

He did the same. His dark eyes softened and the laughter faded out of them. Then he shifted even closer so that her body brushed his.

She felt every inch of herself quiver because holy cow. Something was burning and she was pretty sure it was her. Time slowed and she realized she’d actually stopped breathing.

So had he. Then he took a slow, long, thorough tour at what she was wearing from her hair to the tips of her Shrek slippers, and smiled.

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As an aside, I too have Shrek slippers. :twisted:

Anyway, please run don't walk to your fave store or estore and get your copy of ONE IN A MILLION today? XOXO!


Oh and before you go, talk to us about your fave Lucky Harbor men. I'll be drawing three names, winners get a Shalvis knapsack!