Catch up

You all mentioned that you like to be caught up on what I'm doing on Facebook. Here's some of the past week's posts. Last Monday: Sneaked into a store to visit HE'S SO FINE. A woman was in the romance aisle so I couldn't really love up on my book. Or move it front and center like I secretly wanted to. She eyeballed my book for awhile but then bought Nora Roberts. Hard pressed to be upset about that since I love Nora. I was still in the aisle pouting when she came back and grabbed my book. My day is now complete.

Last Tuesday: Had a gorgeous sunset. 10469864_10152771434313872_3223973829172463317_n

Last Wednesday: What my characters are doing today...


Last weekend: Middle, me, and Youngest at parent's day at their school. I'm here for the donuts. 10178044_10152773472903872_1320222719659823610_n

Oh and here's what happens at our house -- the cat rules the roost. The dog has to ask permission and suck up before being allowed to drink water. 10435032_10152774484358872_8780851530007085166_n

And my latest, HE'S SO FINE, you have that one right? Cuz it's out now! Sexy hot MacGyver type Cole Donovan ... so don't miss, okay?


Need links? You've all got this one, right? All 56,643 of you? Just checkin'. Amazon BN ibooks

Are you ready for the last Lucky Harbor novel, ONE IN A MILLION, to come out on Tuesday or do you still have to play catch up with the first two, IT'S IN HIS KISS, and HE'S SO FINE?