I Love Lucy

So we had to make the trek to San Francisco to visit my lovely back surgeon for my one month check post surgery. We drove forever and a day. Or for four hours. It should have only taken three but someone drank too much tea on the road. Sigh.

It got so bad that finally Alpha Man started pretending to get off on every exit on the highway. He thinks he's funny.

Anyway, we finally arrived at Stanford and I was promptly told I need to change into a gown for xrays. After putting on the lovely hospital gown, we then waited in a room with others in hospital gowns. When they called my name, I jumped up. I thought it was odd that Alpha Man did too. Odd and so sweet. He wanted to come with me!

"Flashing your bisquits to the world, babe," he said, laughing in my ear as he held my gown together for me.

Gah. I'm never going to stop having I Love Lucy moments, apparently, no matter how old I get...