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Update: Winners, randomly drawn are: VICKIE DAILEY, JUDY FISCHER, SHELLIE D., CINDY SCHULTZ, and KAREN PARTIN. Email me at with ONE IN A MILLION in the subject line and let me know if you want print or ebook, and your addy please! Original post: Sorry if I yelled that. ;-) But HE'S SO FINE is here!


How about a little tease:

Olivia’s mouth parted, and then she was kissing Cole back.

Things went hot. Detonation hot, and only when they were both breathless did she pull away.

“Don’t take that the wrong way,” she gasped.

“There’s no wrong way to take that.” His voice was more than a little rough. He couldn’t help it, all the blood had drained out of his head.

He couldn’t help smiling as he turned to go. “Night, Olivia.”

She didn’t say anything so he turned back to look at her. She was standing there in the doorway in the dark, lit only by the moonlight slanting in through the huge pine tree to her right. But he didn’t need to see her face to know she was still looking a little dazed. He was dazed all the way into next week.

“Bye,” came her soft whisper.

“I said goodnight,” he said, “not bye.”

“What’s the difference?”

“A whole helluva lot,” he said.

“Not to me.” And then she slipped inside, the click of the lock sounding in the night.

A challenge.

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