TGIF a little late

So I've gotten some emails about my readers who are not on Facebook. They are worried they're missing the good stuff. So here's what went down on FB with me this week: Monday: Two and a half weeks post spine surgery: am alone for first time, dropped my phone. Tried to pick up with my toes. No go. Tried to get Frat Boy to fetch. No go. UPS man showed up! He tried to tell me that he's new and he's not supposed to come in. So I kicked my phone to him and he picked it up. I told him he was romance novel hero worthy. Funny, he seemed more scared than honored...

Tuesday: So the King Fire in south Tahoe is not behaving for the hard working firefighters. You can see the difference in my sky from this morning...


... to midday when the smoke and ash started to move in...

photo 2

Stay safe everyone in the path!!!!!

Wednesday: Forgot to add Chris Pratt to my list of pretend boyfriends.


I heart him. And I think he'd make a great romance hero. You?

Thursday: For those of you who read my THEN CAME YOU with sexy vet Wyatt as the hero ... are you feeling his feisty sisters as sequels? I hope so as Darcy's story, STILL THE ONE, is written and comes out 4/1/15. Getting ready to write Zoe's story next and trying to figure out a good hero for her... Ideas are welcome.

Friday: Today's cute and hot...


So that's it, a week in the FB life of Jill. :evil: If you liked this recap, let me know so I can make it a regular feature here. Now, what are you all doing this weekend? Anything good?

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