I just realized I haven't teased you about my 9/30 release HE'S SO FINE. Shame on me!! Consider yourself teased:

Olivia came up on an elbow and poked Cole in the chest. “Hey.”


“What are you doing?”

“Trying to figure you out,” he said.

“Is that going to take awhile?”

“I’m quite certain yes.”

Biting her lip, she chose her words as carefully as she could. “I don’t need anyone to take care of me,” she said. “Never have, never will.”

Lowering his arm, he met her gaze, his eyes glittering in the dark, his skin looking golden by the candle’s glow. “I get that about you,” he said. “I admire that about you. But sometimes a guy wants to take care of the woman he’s about to make scream his name. It doesn’t make you weak, Olivia. It makes you mine to take care of, at least until one of us walks away.”

She had a hard time catching enough air in her lungs. Heat and something else flared in his eyes, and he kissed her until everything left her brain but this, the feel of him, here and now . . .

You can't preorder at Amazon because they're in a fight with my publisher. But if you set yourself an alarm for 9/30, you will be able to buy from Amazon on release day. All other places you can preorder and even get the book on sale if you do. :smile:

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