Monday's Muse

So I decided to go back in the archives for today's blog. I started this thing in 2005, which is hard to believe. But here's the post from exactly nine years ago today. You'll see that some things never change. :)

Spider in my kitchen. And when I say spider, I mean HUGE spider (picture me standing here with arms wide open). Okay, maybe not that big but I'll tell you what, when I picked up the towel and then dropped said towel while shrieking in terror, the THUNK the spider made when it hit the floor sounded like . . . like a VERY BIG SPIDER HITTING THE FLOOR.

Of course Alpha Man is out of town and my girls are gone and there is no one I can call to admit that I can't even walk into my own kitchen because a spider is holding it hostage.

But I'm never going in there again. Ever.

Or at least not until I need more Girl Scout cookies from the freezer ...

So today's question is ... how long have you been here with me? Inquiring minds want to know! I'll draw a few random names for books from my backlist, so talk to me! :razz:

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