So after spine surgery last week, I'm not allowed a BLT. No Bending, no Lifting, no Twisting. And trust me, living with no BLT is a lot harder than you might expect. Because I was stubborn and refused a walker, cane or any tools, if I drop something, it's dead to me unless someone can pick it up for me. You should see the wasteland of things I've had to leave in my dust.

Thankfully Youngest put a leash on my phone so that's the one thing I can't lose. But my Kindle? Dropped it. My laptop? Not allowed to carry it. My favorite pack of gum. Lost to me...

So here's my question. Think of all the things you carry around with you all day long. What's the one thing -- besides your phone -- you can't live without? For me it was a damn hard decision between my iPod and a baggie of cookies... You?