A new I Love Lucy

So apparently even on bed rest orders, I can have an I Love Lucy moment. For a few days after the surgery I had a fever. But that finally broke this morning so I woke up all ready to leap out of bed and be me again. Yeah, that's not recommended.

After Alpha Man and Oldest (who was sweet enough to work from home this week to help out) had to catch me and stuff me back into bed, he brought me food. My favorite. Okay, my second favorite since my first favorite was cookies and he wanted me to eat something "real" after five days of not eating. So we compromised on a bowl of granola cereal with fresh blueberries, no milk.

I should add here that I've had a fever and it broke last night. Which means that this morning I sincerely look like death warmed over. Just fyi. Also still pretty shaky. So when I tell you I proceeded to spill the cereal, IN the bed, no one will be surprised.

Alpha Man just looked at the mess, calmly got up, came back with the vacuum and proceeded to vacuum me and the bed. I am thinking he might be a keeper.

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