An I Love Lucy story

The last time I went away I came home so tired I walked off the plane and all the way to the curb where Alpha Man was waiting for me before I realized ... I hadn't stopped for my luggage.

And I don't mean that I'd just walked past baggage claim. I mean I'd actually left my suitcase ON the plane in the overhead bin.

Yeah. I seriously did that.

And do you have any idea what a pain in the ass that is to retrieve once you've left the plane? You have to go to the ticket counter and first, admit you were an idiot. And then second, wait for the crew to leave the plane, which can sometimes take an hour or more.

And for the record, that had been one of those times.

It'd been nearly an hour and a half before we'd finally gotten on the road and up until now Alpha Man has been pretty good about not pointing out the stupidity of the whole thing.

Yesterday I came home from a week in San Antonio. When we landed, I texted Alpha Man.

Me: We're taxing in.

Him: don't forget your stuff this time.

Me: haha...

I'm sure none will be surprised that I did forget. I don't want to talk about it. Every time I catch Alpha Man looking at me, he's just shaking his head in bafflement. Whatever. I can't explain myself. Not even to myself.

So now that I've shared, I need your most embarrassing travel story please and pronto. :smile: