Name the excerpt

Update: Winners, randomly drawn are: Jennifer L. and Carol. Hit the contact button with your addy and also which book you won! Original post: Today's gig is easy. Name the book of mine this excerpt comes from and a couple of you will win my next book, IT'S IN HIS KISS, which, bee-tee-dub, just got a starred review from Publisher's Weekly. :razz: Go:

A rough sound escaped him, and he tightened his grip. "It's okay, Ali. I've got you."

Thank God. For just this one second, someone had her. She didn't have to be strong all on her own. She exhaled a long, shaky breath and concentrated on dragging more air in. After a few beats, she realized he smelled amazing, guy amazing, and that her lips were pressed against his throat. Suddenly it wasn't just comfort she was feeling, but a whole boatload of other things too, with arousal leading the pack. Extremely aware of the big, warm hand moving up and down on her back, she wondered