Monday's Musings

I've mentioned a time or thousand that I'm working my way through Supernatural on Netflix. And let me tell you, some of those episodes are SCARY. Just trying to set the scene for you. So there I was alone in the house, on the couch with my headphones on, watching an episode on my computer. It was a very tense scene and suddenly a hand comes down on my shoulder. I screamed.

Tossed the computer.

Dove off the couch.

Only to find Alpha Man bent over laughing his ass off.

My current plan is to never speak to him again. My computer is fine, by the way. But I'm still mad. Planning to hold a grudge for a good long time too. How about you? You ever scare the crap out of someone, or had someone scare the crap out of you?

P.S. It Had To Be You is on digital sale for $1.99 wherever digital books are sold.