Best Of

(By the way, "Best Of" means this entry is a repeat brought back by request or because I'm on deadline or because my back hurts. In today's case it's all three...)

The other day we held my oldest daughter's b-day party at the lake. Gorgeous day. Tons of friends. Good food. I actually took a day off from writing and found myself happily in a chair eating more chips and reading. All of a sudden I look up and I'm surrounded by these big, bad guys.

They wanted my chips.

I said "back off, boys, I spilled yesterday on my couch and I'm not spilling today". They didn't believe me and moved closer. Ten of them. Then twenty. I'm not kidding, they completely surrounded me and then they started to honk and paw the ground. I let out this chicken girly girl little scream and Alpha Man laughed, then came to my rescue by chasing them off. Notice he laughed first.


Have you ever been attacked by killer geese?