More I Love Lucy

Today I have to go have another MRI for my back. This one is to determine exactly how much fusion will be going on in my back surgery. The problem is the last time I had an MRI, I discovered something I didn't know about myself. I'm claustrophobic. The MRI machine was in a really tight little tube and though I started off okay, the bliss didn't last. The tech guy piped in some music for me but that is about the best thing that can be said for what happened. About two seconds in I got a cramp in my calf and my knee bumped the top of the tiny tube and it was game over. I had an anxiety attack. Of course Mr. Grumpy MRI tech guy wasn't happy and I still had a half hour to go ... blah blah. Today I am determined to not make an idiot out of myself. Wish me luck.

How about you? What is your fear? (and if you have tips for me for today, I'm all ears...)