Tuesday's Tidbits

I'm on a deadline. Fingers crossed for me, because oh boy am I cutting it close. And it's not my fault. Teenagers are stressing me OUT. Also I've been working outside because the sun made an appearance and stayed all week. But people keep coming over to talk to me. People who think nothing of looking over my shoulder to read what I'm working on, and the last time that happened, it was one of the the girls' friends and she happened to catch a certain line I'd written. It actually wasn't a line meant to be in the book, it was a note to myself. And it said:


Yes. I seriously wrote that, and she seriously read that, and now I can't look her in the eyes.

Ever again.

So I try not to work in public anymore.

So I'm behind. And grumpy. And the ONLY person happy to see me right now is Frat Boy.

Puppies are a gift from heaven. You know, when they're not peeing in your house. Or eating your underwear.

Oh and while you're here, can you tell me what your significant other calls you? It's for research, so a good cause. ;-) Alpha Man calls me "Woman" when he thinks he's being funny. He'll also call me honey or sweetheart, but when I'm being ... difficult (hey, it happens) he'll call me CeeDub. Short for C.W. Short for Crack 'Ho. Hey, that's how we roll around here. :razz: