Jungle Boy

I hike almost every day, and almost every day I see some interesting stuff. Mostly it's really cute guys. See, we have a lot of athletes up here training in high altitude so the scenery is very nice. And so is the landscape.


I tell you these strange things that happen to me (like the time I ran into Luke Wilson in green high tops on the Sawtooth Trail) and I always wonder if you believe me. One of my best friends, Carrie (who sometimes comments here -- hi Carrie!) was visiting only a few weeks ago. I dragged her up the trail and she got to see five gorgeous guys running shirtless. We stopped and got off the path to let them pass (while we swiped at our drool) and finally she shook her head. "You're not kidding about the cute guys," she said.


Then two more gorgeous men rode by on bikes just because.

You all think I hike to stay in shape. Not so much. :cool:

ANYWAY, along with the occasional Luke Wilson, the bears, coyotes, deer, rabbits and the amazing looking guys, comes the truly odd.

Like the naked guy on the bike.

Ha. You thought I was kidding AGAIN. Nope. I saw him coming and I scooted off the trail and stared. I couldn't help it, I thought maybe I was hallucinating since I'd given Frat Boy all of my water. But there the old guy was, coming at me. With nothing on but a loin cloth. He waved and smiled and said "Hi Sweet Thang, my name is Jungle Boy" ... And then he was gone, halfway up the trail before I remembered you'd all want proof of this one and got my cell phone out.

So I guess I should say, today's blog is brought to you by Jungle Boy. And a loin cloth.

(What can I tell you, I mean, seriously, you can't even make this stuff up!)