Monday's Musings

I'm on deadline, so of course instead of facing my book, I'm going through photos making a collage for my wall. Want to see some of my fave pics from last year? Here's Oldest with one of her foster kitties, both showing their bigger than life personalities.


Here's Middle doing what Middle does -- scare her mama.


And Youngest, being adorable.


Or Alpha Man and Dumb Ass, clearly hating each other.


And no one can forget Frat Boy. Here he is wondering where the promised cookies are.


And last but not least, one of my faves of Donner Lake, where I spend a lot of my time, either with the kids or the dogs, writing, or just eating Taco Bell on a dock...


I take pictures incessantly. My family thinks I'm annoying. But pictures mean a lot to me, they tell the story of our lives. The last picture I took was three minutes ago, when Frat Boy farted and looked at his own butt like what the heck? I didn't quite catch the action, but I tried. How about you? What's the last pic you took? I'll be drawing three names from the commenters for a book from my list! Talk to me! :grin: