Man Cold In The House

... and it caught me! I'm hit, I'm down, I've fallen and can't get up. I took a little snooze to rest up...


... and woke up with both Sadie and Frat Boy sleeping on me. :lol: If you look closely, yes that's me beneath the pillow. And you can see, I sleep with my Kindle, my iPod, my laptop, and the scarf I've been knitting for about five years...

Anyway, while I'm down and possibly DYING, a couple of cool things. First of all, ONCE IN A LIFETIME was named one of Amazon's Top Romances this month! Kinda exciting! And it's coming out two weeks from today. Want to make an author's day and keep her from going to work at Taco Bell? Preorder at a special $5 price:

Amazon print Kindle BN print: Nook iBook

I have to go blow my nose now. Tell me, do you plan on picking up ONCE IN A LIFETIME in print or ebook? Inquiring minds love to hear how you're reading your fiction these days.