I Love Lucy strikes again

So I'm late with a post this morning, and it's my own fault, and yet I'm going to blame Apple. Go with me on this, okay? :twisted:

I went to sign into my computer -- except I was typing my password in wrong, and if you do it three times in a row they kick you out and you have to answer your security questions. Only I did those wrong too because I'm an idiot.

Update: Winners, randomly drawn, are Vanessa R., Shannon, and Jessica C. His the contact tab above and let me know if you want print or ebook, and your addy, and please please please remind me that you won a copy of ONCE IN A LIFETIME. :razz:

Original post: And then when I finally got it right, it asked me to authorize my computer, and when I tried, it said I didn't have the ability to authorize my computer.

Apparently that's above my pay grade.

So I had to call Apple, and the guy was perfectly lovely, even if I did hear "you're an idiot" in his tone. But all is well now that it's three hours later and I've done nothing but yell at my laptop.

Which actually, now that I think of it, I blame MONDAYS.

Because I'm stressed and can't remember what I was going to write about, let's do a giveaway. Tell me a favorite scene from one of my books, and you're in the running. I'll draw names tonight, three of you will win a copy of my upcoming ONCE IN A LIFETIME.