Wednesday's I Love Lucy

So Middle and Youngest and I were walking around in San Diego in -- GASP -- shorts. Yes, it's warm enough to wear shorts. I know, don't get me started. I can actually feel my fingers and toes for the first time since like September.

photo-2 12.40.09 PM

ANYWAY, all of a sudden we passed this weird tree and then Middle starts hopping around and screaming that she has a zillion red ants on her. We laughed at her Ants Dance and I figured she had like maybe one ant. What can I say, sometimes Middle can be a little ... dramatic.

"I can still feel them on me," she kept saying.

On the way back, we passed the same tree and suddenly I look down and I'm COVERED IN RED ANTS. Seriously. So I start screaming and doing the Ant Dance. This wasn't good enough, I couldn't get the ants off fast enough, so Middle jumped in and started to help me.

By this time, Youngest was pretending not to know either of us.

Finally we realized that traffic going by us was slowing and getting a big kick out of the Ants Dance. A couple of guys honked. But no one stopped, I'll have you know. And that Ant Dance could have totally been an I'm On Fire Dance... Just saying. Anyway, all in all, more than a little embarrassing.

Or a lot embarrassing. We straightened up and kept walking like nothing to see here, all is fine...

On the way home she told me "I told you so" only five or a THOUSAND times.

Whatever. I don't care. I can still feel them on me...