Flying the friendly skies

Update: Winners drawn randomly are: Stacy A., Theresa, Lori M, Jan, and Diane M. Email me with a few book choices (including my upcoming ONCE IN A LIFETIME) and your addy! Original post: So Youngest and Middle and I are in San Diego visiting family. Okay, that's a lie. We're trying to outrun the cold weather. ANYWAY, I've been flying all year here and there. So has Youngest and Middle. We are NOT new at the flying game. And yet still, we ended up in the corner of shame at security, our stuff opened and spread out for the viewing pleasure of everyone at the airport because we forgot to put our liquids in a clear bag.

Well, let's be clear. I didn't forget.

Youngest did.

And she dragged us down with her ...

Anyway, after being searched, I'm now dating the TSA agent who felt me up, she's a very lovely fifty-ish woman with not a big sense of humor but we're working on it.

The good news? It was worth it.

Oh, and before you go? Where's your favorite place to go visit? I'll be drawing FIVE names today, winners can pick their choice of my backlist.

And p.s. don't forget IT HAD TO BE YOU is on sale for $1.99 for those of you with ereaders!