Sneak Peek

Update: Winners, randomly drawn, are Abby, Linda, Wanda, Kirsten, and DebK. Hit the contact button and talk to me (book choice, print or ebook, etc) Original Post: Hi. STILL down for the count. Finally went to the Urgent Care yesterday and yeah. Not good. Bronchitis. So while I'm here coughing up a lung, I want you to meet someone. Sexy, grumpy Ben McDaniel from ONCE IN A LIFETIME.


Some good scruff, yeah? And also, if you read ALWAYS ON MY MIND and caught a few peeks of Ben there, you know he's got a little bit of 'tude to go with that delicious stubble.


Anyway, his story is coming in a few weeks. Want a peek?

Aubrey got a look at the man she