The Goings On

We've been very busy in the Shalvis household having a Friends marathon and eating goodies -- until yesterday when I came down with the flu in like two seconds. Just before that, we took the dogs out to Prosser Lake, which is frozen over. Bear, Frat Boy, and Dumb Ass had the time of their lives.


Bear especially. He was a Prosser Lake virgin, and kept insisting on going too far out on the ice and stressing us out. Maybe we should have named him Little Monster. Except he's not little. He's five months and 50 pounds, and he isn't even close to done.


All of us were there, but here's a shot of Middle and myself enjoying the warm sun. Keep in mind, "warm" is relative.


Now I'm home and still sick. I am, however, off the bathroom floor, so that is a huge improvement.

How did your holiday go? Tell all.

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