Jill Does Boonsboro

I know, I know, given the amount of people who emailed me wanting to hear more about the Nora Roberts signing I did in Boonsboro, Maryland last week, I have been sorely remiss in telling the tale. I blame the Evil Cold and exhaustion. But let me tell you all about it now that the Dayquil has kicked in. First up, our alarm went off at 3:00. That's A.M., people, and let me just tell you what. I don't like that hour. Alpha Man dragged me out the door and off the mountain to the Reno airport. There I sat next to some newlyweds. They were 82 and 83 years old, and going on a honeymoon to Vegas. I hope like hell I'm running off to Vegas when I'm 82!

We got on a Delta flight to Salt Lake at 5:30. Still A.M. There we sat on the runway, delayed for two hours for a mechanic to put this piece of tape on a seat.


Missed our connection. Fun times. Caught another flight by a HUGE miracle. My publisher had sent a car for us to make the two hour drive into Boonsboro from the Baltimore airport. And when we arrived at the inn about fifteen hours after our day had started, it suddenly became worth it at our first sight of the Inn Boonsboro.


And then ... cue the angels singing here ... they gave us the Eve and Roarke room.


You all already know from the day before yesterday's blog that I stole Roarke's gray button and that the toilet was an adventure. But if you missed it, scroll down two entries. Go ahead, I'll wait...

You back? The next morning we all woke up and got ready for a big day. Here I am hanging with fellow authors and dear friends Mary Blayney and Sarah Morgan.


We looked outside and realized there was a line out the bookstore already!! This was a lovely change from the last signing I did, where people kept stopping at my table to ask me where the bathroom was. Anyway, I stood on the inn's balcony to take this picture, and the people waiting saw us and waved. I waved back and hoped some of them were bringing me cookies.


They did! They did! I got all sorts of goodies, and if that was any of you, then THANK YOU!!! It was all delicious.

Afterwards, I stalked Nora for a pic. However, due to the unfortunate restraining order, I am only allowed to take pictures with her poster...


Then it happened. The next day a storm blew in and ... SNOWED US IN!


That's right, I WAS FORCED TO STAY ANOTHER NIGHT IN THE ROARKE ROOM! The next day, me and dear friends Mary Blayney, Laura Reeth, and Sarah Morgan worked our fingers to the bone.


Or ... went shopping and ate cookies.

We finally got to the airport on Monday and that's when the exhaustion set in. And maybe a case of the cranky-pants.


But the sunset somewhere over Ohio was gorgeous...


And then we got back to the west coast. And you know what? It's not the Inn Boonsboro, but it's Home Sweet Home.


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