Monday's Madness

Update: Winners, randomly drawn are: LINDA HENDERSON, CHERYL C., and KAREN. Email me with a few choices of a book from my backlist and your addys, and the date of this contest. :)

Original post: So this past weekend EVERYONE was here. Oldest, Middle, Youngest, Special Edition, various friends and other family members, and ... three dogs. Three sweet innocent loving dogs who would NEVER think of misbehaving by say, eating a Christmas tree, pooping beneath the dinner table, chewing on a beloved leather boot ...


Cute and adorable, right? That's Frat Boy, Dumb Ass, and ... Bear. (Yes that's the 4 month old, 45 pound foster-fail pup/Newfoundland/CrazyMan...)

But trust me, they are not so innocent, not in the least, as evidenced by this next shot.


Captain that last pic, and I'll be drawing names for a book from my backlist!