Tuesday's Tidbits and a Giveaway to boot

Update: Winners, randomly drawn, are: Kim Klaver, Melissa O'Neal, and Lisa Slock. Email me with a few book choices and your addy! :) Original Post: So, you know the drill. Name the book this excerpt is from and be in the running for the book of mine of your choice. Yes, you can cheat. BUT you have to admit whether you've read the book or not. Go.

"It was on the table when I got here," Matt said in his defense.

Josh eyed the open magazine. "You don't already know how to satisfy your boyfriends in bed?"

Matt ignored this. "Did either of you know there's ninety-nine ways to give a blow job?" he asked. "That's ninety-nine nights of blow jobs."

"Look at you with the math skills," Josh said.

Matt flipped him off while Ty flipped the page. "'How to Give Your Hoo-Ha a Spa Day.' Huh," he said. "I didn't know a woman's hoo-ha needed a spa day."

So... book? And I know this isn't much of a hint, but this is one of my own personal faves...