If only...

Update: winners, randomly drawn are: Linda Chilson and Amy Pope. Email me with a few books choices, and your addy!! Original Post: Five Things I Would Do If I Could Visit Lucky Harbor:

1. Attempt to win hot, sexy sheriff Sawyer Thompson away from Chloe-- er, go visit Sawyer and Chloe and congratulate them on their wedding. (HEAD OVER HEELS)

2. Steal-- er, BORROW Jax's motorcycle and take it for a joy ride up into the Olympic Mountains, speeding until hot, sexy sheriff Sawyer Thompson is forced to pull me over, handcuff me and take me in. :) (SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE)

3. See if hot ex-Navy SEAL Ty Garrison is up for showing me how to hot wire a car... (LUCKY IN LOVE)

4. Go see sexy ER Dr. Josh Scott pronto for this terrible sore throat I seem to have developed...

5. Bake cookies and set off the fire alarm, forcing sexy firefighter Jack Harper to come over with his entire squad. (ALWAYS ON MY MIND)

You? What would you do if you could visit Lucky Harbor? I'll be drawing two names from today's comments, winners will get their choice from my backlist!