The adventures of Bear

So poor baby Bear, our foster fail puppy (now as 12.5 weeks old and 33 pounds!) was having some serious ... um, let's say intestinal stress. From both ends.

So Youngest and I took him to the vet.


Isn't Youngest adorable? I think so. Anyway, Bear took one look at the equally adorable vet and he fell in love. He rolled over to show her his junk and she bent down to love him up and ... he passed wind. We all took a big step back while he wriggled on the floor in male pride.

Once the air cleared, the vet performed a few very unpleasant (and violating) tests on the pup, and the good news. He doesn't have Parvo as we all feared. The bad news and $150 bucks later, we learned he has a problem called "dietary indiscretion". Aka ... eating cat poo.

Only in my house...