Monday's Musings

Update: Winners randomly drawn are: Karla Hilbourn, Mary Ellen, and Carrie. Email me with your choices, addy, print or ebook, etc. Original Post: So I cleaned out my purse yesterday and found the following mysterious items:

10 lipglosses and assorted chapsticks. TEN! I can't explain this. A pair of socks. They might or might not be used socks. I can't tell. Alpha Man's old driver's license. No idea why. A baggie of dog cookies. Frat Boy loves my purse. A dead camera. An unmarked CD. A pair of earrings that aren't mine. Canadian change. I haven't been to Canada in ten years.

What's in your purse? I'll be drawing three names tonight, winner will get a copy of RUMOR HAS IT. If you've preordered already (it comes out tomorrow, yay!!!), then I love you and you can have your pick of my backlist.