Jill Does Vegas

Road trip with Alpha Man. First hint that we were in Vegas came right away. You don't see many shoe cars anywhere else...

photo 1

Naturally Alpha Man had some stops he wanted to make. Required Alpha Man type stops. Such as Rick's Restorations (History Channel). They were filming and we got to see the cast. And the Bone Yard. (Yes that's the rarely seen Alpha Man, shh don't tell him...)

photo 2

Then we headed over Count's Kustoms, because one can NEVER, apparently, see too many guy shows. :cool:


We topped all this fun testosterone stuff off with a lovely meal with Robyn Carr, and I had so much fun that I forgot to take a picture!!!!! I have failed you all. :lol:

Next up, some more food. I'll be three tons by the time we roll outta here.

Oh! And yesterday RESCUE MY HEART hit the USA Today bestseller list, thanks to you, my favorite readers on the planet. XOXO!