RIP, my beloved Kindle

So my Kindle died. Sob! I'm sorry, clearly I still can't talk about it without welling up. Pass the tissues... And the cookies.

I do realize I can reload all my millions of books onto a new Kindle, yadda yadda, but I had it all so wonderfully, perfectly organized in collections. I'm so sad...

I have a point. My TBR pile is poof, gone. So it reminded me to ask you a question that really has nothing to do with my TBR pile. I know, I'm making no sense. But my Kindle HAS DIED PEOPLE, I'm allowed to make no sense.

My question is ... what are some of your FAVORITE HEROES OF ALL TIME? I'm talking like who you would take to a deserted island kind of favorite.

We all know who mine are. Ranger. Roarke. Jamie. And any of JR Ward's vampires... :evil: