Tuesday's Tidbits

Update: Winners, randomly drawn are Sabrina, katelyn gibson, and June M. Email me with a few books choices and your addy! Original Post: It's FINALLY here, Always On My Minds release date!! What's the story about? Well, there's a little of this between hot, sexy firefighter Jack Harper and feisty pastry chef Leah Sullivan:


And there's also a little bit of this:


Oh yeah, and let's not forget some of this:


There's also a bunch of other stuff too, I swear! So go buy ALWAYS ON MY MIND. Oh!! And if you take a pic of yourself reading either the paperback or the book on your ereader, and then post it to my Facebook page, ten of you randomly will win my next book. So do it, or be square. Or something.


Buy anywhere, like iBooks, Kindle, Nook ... or in print, like at Target (who should have a bunch this time, and I'd love to hear from you if you found this to be true!), or Walmart (same, you wouldn't mind sleuthing and reporting back to me, right? :grin: ), or BN, or wherever your heart desires.

Enough about me. Let's talk about you. You look FANTASTIC today, by the way. New gloss?

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