My name is Kevin

I know Jill won't tell you this, but I'm the most important character in her new book ALWAYS ON MY MIND.

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It's true. Who is there to eat whatever falls on the floor? I am. Who is there to add the comedy relief when things get a little tense in the way of the occasional letting loose of a body function? That's right, me. And things do get tense. This is mostly because firefighter Jack (my owner) and Leah (a pastry chef, and she smells AMAZEBALLS) are both a little slow.

That's okay, they take me for nice walks, and didn't get mad when I ate that couch-- oh wait, they don't know that part yet.

Here's the cover so you can go buy the book (ibooks, BN, and Amazon links for your ordering pleasure) and keep me in kibble, though I still think I should have been the cover model...


You still here? Good. You can tell me where you intend to buy me. :lol:

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